Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications (ADCA)

The Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications (ADCA) is meant to create professionals for the industry and self-employment. The course syllabi are designed in accordance with most of the university course subjects with greater focus on industry requirements that need highly skilled professionals who have all the knowledge from basics to end user problem solutions.

Academic Significance

Those are studying in the colleges will find that the syllabus covered in the course is similar to their academic curriculum and most of the technical subjects have been covered where they need to emphasize in their studies. The subjects have been placed to cover the lags in the academic world that will make it easier to get through the course in the studies. The course is also recognized by various universities and opens gateway to lateral entry streams saving one year in their graduation degree.

Industrial Significance

The subjects placed in this course focus from very basic idea of computing to the professional level solution development with hands on live projects. The students get exposure to handling client queries, suggesting and providing optimum solutions to their problems and making it a robust system. The course provides them diverse planning, execution and controlling abilities. These skills are required in the industry to provide cutting edge solutions to their clients. In this way, the course opens fast growth option for industry aspirants.

International Significance

The students who would like to go abroad for higher studies in Information Technology will find this course as a boon. The course curriculum is internationally recognized and finds its significance with many educational institutes and universities. The course will help the students easily get through their selected course as most of the practical works are related with their studies at international level.

Opportunities for Self-Employment

The course emphasizes on practical applications of various subjects that can be used for enterprise level solution development and with continuous practice, the learners can provide solutions to his/her clients. The course opens various opportunities for data entry operators, software developers, tutors and support providers who get expertise in installation and troubleshooting of computer system software.

Opportunities for Already Employed Persons

This course is useful for those who are already placed in government/private sector and would like to polish their skill set or add more to their existing skills. This course will help them improve their ability in handling diverse situation, enhance their planning, organizational and execution skills as it contains various topics related to managerial activities. The course focusses on office automation as one of the aspects and will help them provide solution to various data handling problems quickly saving time and effort of the management.

Course Fee

Registration: Rs. 400/-

Monthly Fee: Rs. 500/-

Subject Coverage

Total Subjects: 8 (7 Compulsory and 1 Optional)

Maximum Marks: 800

Minimum Passing Marks: 50% Theory (T), 75% Practical (P) and 75% Assessment (A)

Eligibility: Senior Secondary or above in any stream.

Course Duration: 350 Hours/2 Years (Min), 400 Hours (Max: Extension to Project Work)

Sr. Subject Code Subject Title Theory Practical Assessment Time (Hr)
1 ADCA-I Computer Fundamentals 80 0 20 20
2 ADCA-II Operating Systems 40 50 10 30
3 ADCA-III Data Base Management System 40 50 10 30
4 ADCA-IV Office Automation 40 50 10 30
5 ADCA-V Web Designing Concepts 30 50 20 40
6 ADCA-VI Programming Using C/C++ 40 50 10 40
7 ADCA-VII Optional (I/II/III)-Specialization 30 50 20 60
8 ADCA-VIII Project Work 0 200 100 100
Total 300 500 200 350
6.1 Option-I Data Driven Websites ASP.Net, C#, Sql Server 30 50 20 60
6.2 Option-II Data Driven Websites PHP, MySQL 30 50 20 60
6.3 Option-III Android App Development 30 50 20 60